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US Made Revolutionary War Era Socket Bayonet

US Made Revolutionary War Era Socket Bayonet

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This is very interesting example of an early American made socket bayonet from the American Colonial and Revolutionary War eras. The bayonet is in completely untouched, Attic Fine condition and has a thick chocolate patina over all of the metal surfaces. The bayonet is about 16 ““ in overall length, with a 13 ““ blade (measured tip to the face of the shank). The blade is about 15/16” wide at the widest point and has a completely flat face and spear point. The bottom of the blade is deeply fluted. The shank is crudely applied to the socket, which measures 2 3/8” in length and the bore diameter (somewhat out of round) varies between .81” and .84”, with an average bore diameter of .825”. This would indicate that the bayonet was likely for a fusil, or “carbine bore” musket of between .65” and .69” caliber. The socket is crudely formed and cut with an “L” mortise for a relatively narrow lug. The mortise has a stud to muzzle length of 1 3/16”, and is cut for the stud to be on the bottom of the barrel. The socket is without a bridge nor does it have a reinforcing ring at the rear of the socket. The flat, spear point blade is similar to the blades on some early English bayonets (circa 1720-40) and some early French bayonets from about the same era as well. The bayonet does not really follow a specific pattern, and the crudeness of construction lead me to believe that it is an American made bayonet that draws on multiple English and European influences. The bayonet is a wonderful example of early American militaria that could well date to before the French and Indian War and probably saw service during the War for Independence as well. Early socket bayonets are scarce, and this is a wonderful, unmolested example.


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