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Merrill Combination Carbine & Rifle Tool

Merrill Combination Carbine & Rifle Tool

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This is a FINE condition example of the very scarce combination tool for use with the Merrill patent breechloading percussion rifle and carbine. The tool combines a box end percussion cone wrench and a screwdriver. The rounded tool measures 1.55” in width (from cone end to screwdriver) and 1.26” in length from the rear edge of the tool to the end of the screwdriver. The tool is .427” wide, measuring across its spine and is .20” thick, tapering toward the screwdriver tip which is .06” thick and .278” wide. The cone wrench measures .278”x.279” on its interior. The tool was designed to be carried in the patchbox of the rifles and carbines. As described on page 182 of Gun Tools Their History and Identification Volume 1 by James B. Shaffer, Lee A. Rutledge and R. Stephen Dorsey, the tool shows rough tool marks and has a blackened finish. A single punch dot, likely applied during hardness testing, is the only “marking” on the tool. Some 14,495 Merrill breechloading percussion carbines were produced circa 1858-1865, with an additional 800-1,000 Merrill breechloading percussion rifles being produced as well. The majority of both the carbines and rifles were delivered to the US Ordnance Department during the Civil War period. The tool remains in FINE condition, retaining most of the blackened finish and showing only some light wear and minor use. If you own a Merrill rifle or carbine, it is likely that you do not have this scarce accessory to display with your gun. These tools are rarely found for sale, so don’t miss your opportunity to acquire this one. The price for this tool includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping in the Continental US. Please contact us for shipping quotes outside the Continental US.

Please note that the pictures below are much larger than the actual size of the tool, to allow the condition and details of the tool to be clearly visible. The photo to the left of this description is much closer to the actual size of the tool.


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