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Gorgeous Fully Cased 9mm Pin Fire Revolver

Gorgeous Fully Cased 9mm Pin Fire Revolver

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This is a VERY FINE to NEAR EXCELLENT cased 9mm pinfire revolver that is complete with all of the original accessories in a wonderful, form-fitted “French style” casing and an English style oak retail case. The pistol is a classic example of a high end, folding trigger, double-action pinfire pistol that was produced in Belgium and was imported to Great Britain for sale. The pistol is marked with the usual Belgian oval cartouche E / LG / * proof on the cylinder and a (Crown) / L Li’ge proof on the bottom of the barrel, just in front of the frame juncture. The pistol is further marked with the English proofs (as required by English law for any foreign firearm sold in Great Britain) of a (Crown) / V on the cylinder just behind the Belgian proof and a (Crown) / V on the frame just under the Lefaucheux patent markings. The left octagonal portion of the barrel is marked in two lines: E. LEFAUCHEUX / INVS BREVET”, which meant the revolver was licensed for manufacture under the patent held by Eugene Lefaucheux. The opposite side of the octagon barrel section is marked with the makers initials F.T - likely for Li’ge arms maker Falisse & Trapman. The pistol is also marked with the serial number 49387 on the lower left hand side of the frame.

The pistol, case and accessories are in VERY FINE to NEAR EXCELLENT condition overall. The revolver retains about 90% of the original deep blued finish on the cylinder and the barrel retains about 70% original deep blue, with some thinning and loss along the points of contact and sharp edges. The balance of the barrel is a mostly smooth brownish-gray patina. The frame appears to have been finished “in the white” without any bluing, and has a medium silvery patina. The case hardened hammer retains about 50% of the original bright mottled colors, mixed with a silvery gray patina. The case hardened folding trigger system retains about 30%-40% of the case hardened coloring. The cylinder is engraved with a circular band of floral motifs. The frame is also engraved with similar foliate patterns. The furniture grade saw-handle grips are finally checkered with a carved shell motif at the frame / grip juncture. They have a fantastic swirling burled grain that is really attractive. The grips retain about 90% of their original finish and are in EXCELLENT condition. The pistol functions perfectly. It has a crisp action and fine timing and lock up. The gun retains the original dovetailed front site, as well the original ejector rod. The original loading gate is present as well and functions correctly with a crisp locking mechanism.

The pistol is contained within its original presentation case, complete with all of the correct and original accessories. The case is a classic English retailer oak casing complete with the original (and fully functional) lock and key. The case is in about EXCELLENT condition overall with no breaks, cracks or repairs. It has a wonderful honey-colored appearance and retains about 90%+ of its original finish. The original book end style hinges are present and in fine condition as well. The interior of the case is form fit in the “French Style”, with specific tightly fit cavities for the pistol and all of the accouterments. The lining is a deep peach colored velvet like material, which shows some significant fading from exposure to light, with the protected areas a deeper, pinker color. The accessories included with the cased set include:

1) The original bullet mold in excellent & complete condition.
2) The original walnut handled “turnscrew” (screw driver).
3) The original foliate copper powder flask in excellent condition.
4) The original spring loaded “de-capping” tool, which was used to re-prime the pinfire cartridges.
5) The original cleaning rod with screw-on brass jag.
6) A small turned walnut wooden container with a screw on lid.
A small pewter oiler.
7) Three spent 9mm pin fire cartridge cases and two lead bullets.

All of the accessories are in wonderful condition and really compliment the display of the complete set. It is rare to find a complete cased set where all of the original components are present, and without any replaced or repaired pieces.

Overall this is simply a spectacular example of a Belgian made pinfire revolver that was exported for sale to the English marked. It is very difficult to date these types of revolvers, but based upon the accessories, casing style and the fact that by the late 1860’s most of the English revolver makers were producing successful self contained cartridge pistols, I feel that this casing dates to between 1860 and about 1869 at the latest. This is just a gorgeous set that is even more attractive in person and would be a wonderful addition to any high quality arms collection. It is a group that will surely attract compliments from anyone who has the pleasure to view your collection. Please make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see all of the 15 images of this lovely set that I have included below.


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