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German WWII Flare Pistol by Walther

German WWII Flare Pistol by Walther

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This is an EXCELLENT condition example of the German Heeres Model 1928 Signal (Flare) Pistol. The pre-World War II pistols were produced by Walther, and were made from steel with wood grip panels. With the coming of the war, the composition of the flare pistols was changed to aluminum, with Bakelite grips. The pistols were single action and used a break open action, actuated by an under frame lever that formed the forward portion of the triggerguard. The pistols had a 26.5mm smooth bore, with a 3 1/8” round barrel forward of the 3” octagon chamber. The overall length of the pistols was about 10” long. The flare pistols fired a variety of signal flares, including light signal, parachute signal, star cluster signal, whistling shell signal and smoke signal. A rare variant of the pistol was made with a rifled steel barrel liner that was intended for use as anti-tank weapon, and it fired an explosive shell.

This particular pistol is a really wonderful, EXCELLENT condition, early World War II example. The pistol was produced by Walther in 1940 and is marked with the typical AC code for Walther, and dated 1940. The pistol has the matching serial number 8074 / g on both the barrel and the frame. The left side of the pistol is bears four (EAGLE) / 359 waffenamt marks and with a pair of (EAGLE) / (Inverted HEART) proof marks as well. The pistol functions perfectly, and is mechanically excellent. The gun retains about 93%+ of the original blackened finish, with some minor wear and loss at the muzzle and along the high edges of the pistol. There is also some minor thinning to the finish along the barrel. The bore of the pistol is perfect and mirror bright. Typically signal pistols show some pitting in their aluminum bores. The pistol retains the original lanyard ring in the butt. The two-piece checkered Bakelite grips are in EXCELLENT condition and retain very sharp checkering with only the most minor handling marks. The grips are free of chips, cracks or repairs. This is uncommon, as the brittle Bakelite is easily chipped and cracked, particularly at the front and rear edges. These grips do not show any of this typical damage, only some light scuffing along the bottom edges.

Overall this is really a top notch example of an early World War II German flare pistol. It is in really wonderful condition, functions perfectly and has nearly perfect grips. It is very difficult to find these signal pistols in this condition and this will be a fabulous addition to your collection of WWII German militaria or WWII era flare guns.


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