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French M-1892 Lebel Revovler

French M-1892 Lebel Revovler

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The French M-1892 LebelRevolver was adopted in 1892 to replace the aging M-1873 Ordnance Revolvers then in service with the French military. Although the revolver is often referred to as the “Lebel” revolver, it does not appear to have been designed by Nicholas Lebel, the French Colonel responsible for the design of the M-1886 “Lebel” rifle. The M-1892 was a rather modern design. It incorporated a solid frame with and a swing out 6 shot cylinder and manual star ejection system and a double action trigger mechanism. The design was very similar to that found in Colt service revolvers of the same era. The revolver was chambered for the rather anemic 8x27mm cartridge. The cartridge was a black powder round and was not very powerful, being slightly less effective than the modern .32 ACP cartridge. The M-1892 was produced from 1892 until 1924, with approximately 350,000 being produced during that time. During World War I, the M-1892 was the standard service handgun of the French military, although many field officers chose to carry the .32 ACP Ruby Automatic pistol. It remained in service well through World War II. The pistols were produced with a blued (and in some cases blackened) finish on the majority of the gun, with the small parts “strawed” in a light golden color. Many of the early guns were arsenal refurbished for use during WWI and even WWII.

This particular French M-1892 is in about FINE overall condition. The pistol retains about 90%+ of a French arsenal refurbished "war time", roughly applied blackened finish, which is more akin to deep black Parkerizing than traditional bluing. The gun was likely refurbished for either WWI or WWII service, but it is difficult to know which war. The gun is clearly marked throughout and the arsenal refinish did not obscure or thin any of the markings, other than the proof marks on the left upper barrel flat. The obverse side plate of the revolver is clearly marked in two lines of script: Mre d’Armes / St. Etienne, indicating the revolver was manufactured at the French national armory at St. Etienne. The lower portion of the obverse frame is marked with the serial number F4148. The top of the barrel flat is marked in a single line of script Mle 1892, with the upper right flat marked S 1892. This mark indicates the revolver was manufactured during 1892, the first year of production. The gun is additionally marked with a variety of small inspection and assembly marks on many of the small parts. The hammer, loading gate, trigger and screws retain an average of about 80% of their strawed finish, with some light oxidation and minor pinpricking present on some of the small parts. The revolver is mechanically excellent and functions perfectly in every way. The double action trigger mechanism functions smoothly and the cylinder times and locks up as it should. The loading gate and ejector system all function correctly as well. The bore of the revolver is in about FINE condition as well. It is mostly bright, with crisp rifling and only some light scattered frosting in the grooves and some minor scattered pinpricking. The two piece checkered wood grips rate VERY FINE to NEAR EXCELLENT and are very crisp, retaining sharp checkering with only the most minor surface wear present from normal handling. The grips are solid and free of any breaks, cracks or repairs.

Overall this is a really crisp and fine condition example of French M-1892 Revolver. The gun is in great condition and displays very well. The pistol was manufactured in 1892, the very first year of production, and since it was made prior to 1898 is classified as an antique and not subject modern firearms sales restrictions. The revolver would be a fantastic addition to any collection of WWI or WWII French military weapons and would great displayed with your other weapons of the Great War.


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