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Excellent Japanese Rubberized Canvas Nambu Holster

Excellent Japanese Rubberized Canvas Nambu Holster

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This is a nearly mint condition example of a mid to late war Japanese rubberized canvas holster for the Type 14 Nambu pistol. According to Japanese pistol researcher and author James Brown, there are 11 distinct variants of the Type 14 holster. The holsters were manufactured of top grain cowhide until about 1943, at which point the lack of raw materials lead the Japanese to experiment with Rubberized Canvas as a leather substitute, not unlike the tarred canvas used by the Confederacy during the American Civil War, when leather became a scarce commodity. Some of the major early variants were the Type IA, which was adopted in 1932, and introduced the spare striker pouch that would be found on all of the subsequent holster variants. Other major chances involved changing the shape and composition of the strap hangers on the back holster and the change from a solid leather closure strap to an elastic closure strap (introduced on the Type V holster). Of the 11 recognized variants, only three were made in rubberized canvas. The Type VIII utilized a canvas body with a leather clamshell closure flap. The Type IX was made entirely of rubberized canvas (except for the leather “hinge” that joined the holster body to the clamshell flap) and even the small spare striker pouch (forward of the ammunition pouch) was made of rubberized canvas material. The final variant, the Type X had a slightly narrower clamshell flap and the spare striker pouch was again made of leather, not canvas.

This holster is a NEARLY MINT condition example of the final variant, TYPE X Type 14 Nambu holster. The holster features the elastic closure strap (introduced on the Type V holsters), a lacquered steel closure plate and squared, lacquered steel suspension rings (both features introduced on the Type VII holsters). The holster has the leather spare striker pouch that typifies this variant. As noted, all the steel hardware is coated in black lacquer to reduce the chance of corrosion to the metal. The clamshell flap is edged in leather and the hinge that joins the flap and holster body is made of leather as well. The holster shows practically no use, and is in crisp, tight condition. All stitching is very tight and in excellent condition. Only the edges and some of the high portions of the holster show even the most minor rubs and handling marks. The interior flap that covers the spare ammunition pouch shows a crease line from opening it “ the rubberized canvas of the flap is quite stiff, as the holster never really saw any use and the flap was never broken in. The original blued steel cleaning rod that was issued with the holster is in the retention loop inside the holster body.

Overall this is simply an excellent condition example of a late war Japanese Type 14 Nambu holster that would be nearly impossible to upgrade. If you have a very high condition late war Nambu pistol, this holster would be a fantastic accompaniment to it.


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