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US Marked Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle Round Ball Bullet Mold

US Marked Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle Round Ball Bullet Mold

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Offered here is a nice, untouched example of the single cavity round ball bullet mold produced for issue with the US Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle. Between 1843 and 1855 a total of 91,796 Model 1841 Rifles were produced between the national armory at Harpers Ferry and several private contractors. As the standard delivery ratio of molds to rifles was 2 molds for every case of 20 rifles, or simple 1:10, that means a roughly 9,180 were initially delivered with more likely acquired as replacements during the period of use. 


The molds were simple, single cavity iron scissor molds with a sprue cutter incorporated into the front of the mold block and with the letters US stamped on the arms. Otherwise, the molds were unmarked. The cavity cast a nominally .535” diameter round ball which was loaded with a greased patch when fired from the .54 caliber rifles. While pre-packaged paper cartridges became more common for issue to troops by the latter part of the 1850s, the mold was still a necessary accessory should the soldiers need to cast their own ammunition.


The mold offered here is in FINE, untouched condition. It is clearly marked US on both of the mold arms. The mold measures 7 1/8” in overall length with a mold block that measures 1.15”x .82”x.79” and arms that measure 5 7/8” long. The round ball cavity measures a nominal .535”. The mold has an untouched, richly oxidized patina with traces of what appears to be some old gold and old black paint. The gold paint may suggest the mold was part of a G.A.R. collection at one point in time. The black paint may be an old attempt by a collector to preserve the metal, as this was not an uncommon method in the early days of collecting during the first quarter of the 20th century. There is some lightly scattered surface roughness here and there on the exterior of the mold and inside the sprue cutters. The arms show a couple of minor dents, and the mold shows some scattered dings and minor mars. The cavity remains mostly bright and shiny with some scattered surface oxidation and discoloration. The cavity remains quite smooth and shows no damage.


Overall, this a solid example of rare US Marked Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle Bullet Mold in untouched condition. It would be a nice addition to display with your Mississippi or to add to a collection of bullet molds or US military firearms accoutrements.


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