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Pewter Pistol Flask by Dixon & Sons

Pewter Pistol Flask by Dixon & Sons

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This is a lovely example of a mid-sized pewter pistol powder flask by the famous James Dixon & Sons company of Sheffield, England. The body of the smooth bag-shaped flask is 4 ¼” in overall length and 1 ¾” wide at the widest point.  The total overall length, including the adjustable spout is 5 ¾”. The adjustable spout is graduated to throw three different powder charges of 2/8, 3/8 and 4/8 as measured in drams. The spout is marked 2/8 and 4/8 at the two extreme settings and there is no marking for the center setting. The spout is also clearly marked DRAM. The brass top of the flask is clearly marked in three lines:






The flask remains in FINE condition with a dull pewter gray patina, as would be expected on a pewter flask. The gilt brass throat, collar, top and spout all retain some traces of finish and vary from a dull ocher patina to bright and golden where the finish is intact. The original fire blued charger spring is in place and shows moderate amounts of freckled oxidation and discoloration as well as some traces of original bright blue. The top of the flask unscrews easily to allow filling and the spout adjusts smoothly and easily. The charger handle operates correctly as well and functions smoothly. All of the markings on the top and spout remain clear and crisp. The body of the flask shows a couple of minor dings but is otherwise quite crisp and in very nice shape.


The flask is a nice example that would be a great addition to a cased pocket revolver or medium frame handgun in .31 or .36 caliber. Nice flasks like this to complete a cased set are often rather expensive, but this is a nicely priced example that will help you cased English revolver look its best with the correct accessories in the box.


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