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Fine US Model 1835 .69 Caliber "Replacement" Socket Bayonet aka "Model 1842"

Fine US Model 1835 .69 Caliber "Replacement" Socket Bayonet aka "Model 1842"

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This is a FINE condition example of the .69 caliber socket bayonet known to collectors as the US Model 1842 Socket Bayonet. The designation as the Model 1842 is only a modern term of convenience used by collectors, and this designation was never applied to this pattern of bayonet by the US Ordnance Department. The reality is that this pattern of socket bayonet was not even produced until after 1855. The more correct term would be the US Model 1835 “Replacement” Bayonet. These bayonets were produced after the adoption of the US Model 1855 socket bayonet and were intended to replace those earlier Model 1835 (sometimes called Model 1835/40) socket bayonets that had been lost or damaged in service. The bayonets utilized the original pattern Model 1835/40 .69 socket, mortised for a bottom mounted lug, in conjunction with the then current pattern Model 1855 bayonet blade with narrow tapered shoulders, rather than the wider, sharp shoulders of the original 1835 pattern blade. This made perfect sense as all of the bayonet making machinery had been changed over to manufacture the Model 1855 .58 socket bayonet. This also allowed both the current issue Model 1855 bayonets and the newly made Model 1835/40 replacement bayonets to use the same pattern bayonet scabbard. The earlier production bayonet blades were too wide at the ricasso to fully seat in the 1857 pattern bayonet scabbard that had been recently adopted.


This .69 caliber US M1835/40 Replacement Bayonet is in FINE condition. The blade is full-length at 18” and the original locking ring is present on the socket and remains fully functional. The blade has a mostly bright steel patina with evenly distributed flecks of minor surface oxidation. There are some areas of the blade that have dulled somewhat, giving the metal a slightly of hazy appearance in some areas. The blade is mostly smooth, with some lightly scattered patches of minor roughness that is mostly face, in a nominally thumb-sized patch of oxidation forward of the ricasso. The socket shows some tiny, scattered flecks of surface oxidation and discoloration on the blade. Most of this minor discoloration could probably be cleaned off with a little effort, improving the appearance of the bayonet even more, and even some of the thumb print oxidation in the face flute could polish out. The ricasso of the blade is clearly and crisply marked with the usual U.S stamping, which is deep and clear. The socket and neck of the bayonet show a few minor impact marks, typical of bayonets that saw any amount of actual service and use.


Overall, this is an extremely nice example of the Civil War era .69 caliber socket bayonet for the US Model 1835/40 flintlock and Model 1842 percussion muskets. Although the collector’s name of Model 1842 is technically incorrect, it is not likely that the designation will ever be replaced in the collecting community. This is a really nice correct example of the bayonet to add to your US Model 1835/40 percussion conversion musket or your US Model 1842 musket, and would be a very nice, high condition addition to any Civil War bayonet collection. These bayonets also typically fit the Armi-Sport reproduction US Model 1842 Muskets, so it would be a good candidate for living history use as well.


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