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Fine Dixon Stars Pattern Small Pistol Powder Flask

Fine Dixon Stars Pattern Small Pistol Powder Flask

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This is a lovely example of the “Stars” Pattern Small Pocket Pistol Powder Flask by James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield. Dixon produced these embossed powder flasks that were decorated with a combination stars and circles in several sizes, from this smallest size through large rifle and shotgun sizes. Ray Riling shows six different size and shape variations of these flasks as #391, #400, #402, #409, #417 and #431 in his voluminous book The Powder Flask Book. This example is #391 and is a small oblong bag shaped flask. Riling notes that both this size and the flask listed as #402, which is a larger oblong bag flask for larger caliber handguns, are found without a maker’s mark, but the other variants are maker marked. This flask would be the correct size for a very small caliber revolver or small pocket pistol, possibly even a derringer type handgun. The flask measures 3.63” in overall length, including the spout with the body measuring 2.93” long and the spout measuring .93”in length. The spout probably throws a charge between 10 and 15 grains. The diameter of the flasks neck is .85” and the tapered body of the flask increased from .85” wide at the neck to 1.25” wide at the base. The flask is .85” thick at the base as well. The flask remains in FINE overall condition with much of the original lacquer remaining intact, possibly as much as 50%. The flask’s body shows no significant dings, dents, or pushes and remains in very crisp condition. The seams are tight and show no splits or repairs. The spout can still be easily unscrewed from the top and the charger still works correctly as well. The blued steel charger spring shows some moderate surface oxidation as well as some of its original fire blued finish, and still retains plenty of tension. Overall, this diminutive flask is extremely nice and would be a fine addition to any small, cased pocket pistol that was likely charged with 10-15 grains of powder.

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