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"F" Inspected Colt 36 Caliber Dual Cavity Bullet Mold

"F" Inspected Colt 36 Caliber Dual Cavity Bullet Mold

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This is a VERY GOOD condition example of a US military sub-inspected Colt blued iron .36 caliber dual-cavity mold for the Models 1851 and 1861 “Navy” revolvers. The sprue cutter is clearly marked in two lines: COLT’S / PATENT. The right side of the mold is clearly stamped 36 B, identifying it as being for Colt’s .36 caliber “belt” revolvers. Further down on the side of the mold is a small F sub-inspection mark. This unidentified inspection may be the same “F” shown as “F #2” on page 74 of U.S. Military Arms Inspector Marks by Anthony Daum & Charles Pate. “F #2” is also found on US M1840 NCO swords by Ames. Interestingly, the A.H.K. inspection found on some of the Colt 44H molds is also found on Ames M1840 NCO swords. The molds of this pattern are listed as M22 on page 241 of Robin J. Rapley’s Colt Percussion Accoutrements 1834-1873.


The mold retains some flecked and flashed traces of blue on the exterior, with most of the metal having a dull smoky-gray patina. The metal shows some scattered surface oxidation, some lightly scattered minor pitting and the normal scattered impact marks. The sprue cutter retains some of the original blue, with a similar wear, loss and patina as the balance of the mold. The interior of the mold retains more finish and has fine, crisp mold cavities. The mold retains the indexing pin and remains tight, with smooth movement of the hinge. The mold would likely cast very nice bullets today.


This would be nice addition to any collection of Civil War bullet molds or to enhance the display of a Colt M1851 Navy or M1861 Navy revolver. It is a nice, crisp mold with some finish, very nice cavities and for a very fair price.


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