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Excellent Non-Dug Virginia Two-Piece CS Buckle - Mullinax #007

Excellent Non-Dug Virginia Two-Piece CS Buckle - Mullinax #007

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This is a really outstanding, non-dug example of one of the quintessential Confederate waistbelt plates, the “Virginia Style” two-piece. The plate is listed as #007 in Steve Mullinax’s Confederate Buckles & Plates – Expanded Edition, with the nominal measurements of 48mm by 84mm with a 50mm wreath height. This example measures 82.5mm by 47.25mm with a wreath height of 49.4mm, all within the most minute of tolerances. It is generally believed that this pattern of belt plate was produced in Richmond during the war. The sand-cast red brass plate has the crisply serifed letters CS on the face of the tongue and moderately crisp laurel leaves cast into the wreath. Mullinax notes the tapered “step-up” contour on the rear of the tongue, where the tongue extends to meet the belt loop, which is typical of this pattern. He further notes that a number of these plates have been excavated at late-war Virginia sites, circa 1864, in the Shenandoah Valley and around Culpeper. The plate remains in really wonderful, non-dug condition with a medium golden mustard patina with a minute greenish tinge. The buckle is crisp and sharp with some nice sand casting flaws and the expected rough texture in the less finished areas and shows some neat file work where the belt loops were finished off and trued up. This is a great example of a desirable plate in a really fantastic state of preservation and is a plate that you will never have to worry about or make any apologies for.


Provenance: ex-Dr. Charles Cox collection


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