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American Flask Company Navy-Sized Pattern 590 Flask with Suspension Rings

American Flask Company Navy-Sized Pattern 590 Flask with Suspension Rings

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This is a very nice example of a relatively scarce “Navy Sized” flask by the American Flask Company with the rare feature that is has suspension rings on the side. This flask pattern is illustrated in Ray Riling’s The Powder Flask Book as #791 and #792 (page 341) and he classifies it a “Coat of Arms” pattern flask. The American Flask Company listed the design as pattern $590. These were produced for use with “navy” caliber handguns, typically guns that were nominally .36 caliber and the fixed charging spout dispensed roughly 20 grains for powder. The design is considered to be post-1857 and the flask carried roughly 6oz of powder to charge your revolver. These flasks were appropriate for nearly any of the “navy” revolvers and were certainly sold as accessories for Colt Navy revolvers as well as for guns by Whitney, Remington, and other makers. The addition of the rings meant the flask could easily be suspended from cord, sling, or a pouch, making it easier to carry. This suggests that the flask was not typically a variant used in cased sets.


The flask measures 6 5/8” in overall length with a body that measures 5 3/16” tall by 2 27/32” wide. The 1 3/8” fixed charging spout is angled as were most of the later production “Navy” flasks. There are two different types of rings on the flask. One is a 7/16” iron split ring and the other is a nominally 7/16” split D ring. The “D” ring appears to be a period of use replacement. The flask is embossed on both sides with the same patriotic martial themes with a cannon, spread-winged Eagle, panoplies of arms and flags and a pair of crossed Paterson style revolver, just below the top. 


The flask remains in VERY GOOD condition and has a thick, uncleaned patina with one side being somewhat darker than the other. The copper body has rich, dark bronze patina with some traces of brown lacquer in the protected recesses of the design and is completely uncleaned. The top and spout have a similar thick brownish patina. The top is secured with three small screws and remains securely attached. The original blued charger spring is in place, as is the charger handle. The spring retains traces of blue with scattered surface oxidation and discoloration. The flask operates exactly as it should, with the charger handle moving smoothly and with good tension. The flask shows some scattered light handling marks and minor dings, with the most noticeable one being a finger sized push at the junction of the right wing and the eagle’s neck on the lighter colored side of the flask. The flask is free major dents or significant damage. The seams remain tightly sealed with no splits or breaks. As noted, the “D” ring is a very old, probably period of use replacement and both rings have the same, matching, thickly oxidized patina.


Overall, this is a very nice example of a desirable navy-sized American Flask Company Pattern 590 Patriotic Motif Coat of Arms Flask. The flask has a wonderful, untouched, rich bronze patina and remains fully functional. This would be a fine addition to any flask collection or as an accessory for Civil War era “Navy Sized” percussion revolver.


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