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1st Model LeMat Bullet Mold - Extremely Rare

1st Model LeMat Bullet Mold - Extremely Rare

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This is one of the rarest of the Civil War era bullet mold, the multi-cavity mold for the LeMat Revolver. These brass molds have a single conical cavity for the bullet fired from the .42 caliber cylinder and primary barrel of the revolver and a pair of buckshot cavities to cast pellets for the 18-gauge shotgun barrel underneath the primary barrel of the handgun. Two variants of these very scarce molds are known, one with a Venetian scroll pattern spure cutter and one with a more sharply taper, somewhat shorter sprue cutter. The earlier, or “Type I” mold, has the first style of rounded sprue cutter, and this is the variant offered here. It has been suggested that these early, Type I molds were only included with the earliest production and cased LeMat revolvers. The Type I molds are harder to find than the Type II mold, suggesting that they were produced for a fairly short period of time. This mold is in about FINE overall condition. The mold has a maker’s plaque inside the mold block that is marked with a two-line cartouche. This is essentially illegible, but appears that the second part of the upper part of the mark is “Bte”, the abbreviation for “Brevette”, the French word for “Patent” and is likely a reference to the LeMat and Girard patents related to the production of revolver. The only other markings on the mold are what appears to be the number 18 on the sprue cutter and the alphanumeric mark 2 C on the top of the mold block, under the spure cutter. At least one reference notes that the number on the sprue cutter is the serial number of mold that mates it to revolver it was originally cased with. However, in the English style it could be reference to the size of the shotgun bore of the revolver, which was nominally 18 gauge (about .63 caliber). I do not know what the alphanumeric mark 2 C refers to. The mold has a .415” diameter conical mold cavity that casts a .6” long bullet with a .368” flat base and a single grease groove. The two buckshot cavities measure about .27” and cast round pellets. The mold measures about 7 ““ in overall length, including the sprue cutter extension. The brass portion of the mold measures 6 ““ in length with 4 ““ long handles and a 2 1/8” long mold block that is .69” deep. The sprue cuter is about 2.6” in overall length, and is made of iron. The mold cavities are in VERY FINE condition and remain crisp and bright. The brass mold body and handles show scattered bumps and dings from use and some minor impact marks along the top and bottom of the mold block. The brass is essentially uncleaned with a deep umber patina and patches of darker discoloration and additional surface oxidation. The iron sprue cutter has a deeply oxidized dark brown patina with evenly distributed light to moderate surface pitting, suggesting an attic find or early battlefield pick up. The mold has a wonderfully unmolested and untouched look and is really quite attractive. These extremely scarce molds rarely come up for sale, and this one is really a wonderful example that is 100% complete, correct and original and even includes the original makers mark inside the mold block. If you have a Civil War era LeMat revolver in your collection an original mold is one of the hardest accessories to find to add to that display. I’ve only ever seen a handful of these rare molds appear on the market and they usually sell quickly. I am sure you will be very glad that you purchased this rare mold to go with your LeMat revolver.


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