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Remington Rolling Block Rifle, Pistol & Carbine Tool

Remington Rolling Block Rifle, Pistol & Carbine Tool

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This is a FINE, 100% complete and original Indian War era combination screwdriver and tool for use with the Remington Rolling Block Rifle, Carbine & Pistol. These tools are often misidentified as Spencer tools, but the top of the rolling block tool is not rounded as much as the Spencer tool and has a flatter profile with slightly rounded edges. The tool is complete and fully functional. The swinging arm operates smoothly. The tool retains a about 75%+ of its original blued finish, which has faded and dulled somewhat and mixed with a smooth smoky-blue-gray patina. This tool does not appear to have received the high luster brilliant blue associated with commercial tools of the period and is almost certainly a typical late -19thcentury “military” finish. The tool is free of any pitting and shows only some very tiny areas of lightly scattered oxidized surface freckling. The screwdriver blades are still sharp and square and completely usable. Overall the tool is in aboutFINE condition. This is an extremely crisp, original example of a combination tool that would be a great addition to the display of your Remington Rolling Block Rifle, Carbine or Pistol. Four variants of this tool are shown on page 90 of Gun Tools: Their History & Identification by Shaffer, Rutledge & Dorsey, with this being the second variant noted on that page. The tool measures 3.63” in overall length with the main body being .536” wide at the widest point, narrowing to .280” wide at the main body screwdriver. The  swinging arm is retained by a .40” diameter domed rivet. The secondary arm measures 2.468” in length and is .5” wide at the widest point, tapering to a .36” wide screwdriver. The swinging arm has a unique beveled silhouette that is not typical of most rolling block tools, making this this one of the less commonly encountered variants of this important Indian War era US combination tool.


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