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Italian M91/38 Carcano Carbine Folding Bayonet & Scabbard

Italian M91/38 Carcano Carbine Folding Bayonet & Scabbard

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This is a VERY FINE to NEAR EXCELLENT condition example of the Italian M91/38 Folding bayonet (Kiesling #13) for use on the Italian Mannlicher-Carcano M-1891/38 and M-1938 rifles and carbines. The bayonet is 11 ““ in overall length, with a 7 1/8” spear point blade. The bayonet has a round release button on the reverse of the hilt at the crossguard, which allows the blade to be folded back into the hilt and a recess in the forend of the rifle or carbine to which it was mounted. This allowed the bayonet to remain fixed on the gun, but folded out of the way. The bayonets were also accompanied by steel scabbards to allow them to be removed from the gun and carried on the belt with other field gear.

This example is in FINE overall condition. The blade of the bayonet retains about 90%+ of its original purple tinged browned finish, which has a deep plum color. Most of the finish loss on the blade is from insertion and removal from the scabbard, as well as edge wear from when the bayonet was fixed and folded on a rifle or carbine. The blade is mostly smooth, and shows only a couple of scattered patches of very minor surface oxidation. The steel hilt mounts retain about 90% of their original deep blued finish, with most of the loss along contact points, high edges and the two release buttons. The two piece wood grip panels are in VERY FINE condition and show only some minor bumps, dings and scuffs, but no breaks, cracks or excessive wear. The spine of the hilt is clearly marked with the serial number A80748 and with the letters MA within an cartouche, indicating the bayonet was manufactured at Milan Arsenal. The spine of the hilt also shows numerous small inspection and view marks. The folding mechanism of the bayonet is fully functional and works smoothly, locking securely into both the extended and folded positions. The locking mechanism, which secures the bayonet to the rifle, is fully functional as well and is mechanically excellent. The bayonet retains its original sheet metal scabbard. The scabbard is the style with an angled 1 ““ belt loop on the rear of it, and not the type with a hook intended for use with a bayonet frog. The scabbard is free of any dents or dings, although the belt loop shows a minor dent. The scabbard retains about 70%-80% of its original black finish, with the majority of the finish loss being from wear along the edges and contact points, and on the front face of the scabbard. The scabbard is smooth, with only some very tiny scattered light patches of minor surface oxidation. The bayonet fits the scabbard perfectly.

Overall this is a very high condition and very nice displaying example of one of the less often encountered Italian bayonets from the World War II era. The bayonet is 100% complete and original, is mechanically excellent and has fantastic eye appeal. It will be a great addition to your Carcano rifle or carbine, or to your collection of World War II axis bayonets and edged weapons.


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