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French Model AN IX D'Infantrie Unit Marked Socket Bayonet

French Model AN IX D'Infantrie Unit Marked Socket Bayonet

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This is really attractive, completely untouched, attic condition example of a French Model AN IX DInfantrie socket bayonet. The AN IX or Year 9 bayonet was introduced in 1800/1801. The dating system originated with the adoption of the French Republican Calendar on November 24th, 1793, following French Revolution. This Republican Calendar replaced the standard Gregorian calendar and decreed that the September 22, 1792 “ the date of the proclamation of the republic was the beginning of a new calendrical cycle. Thus September 22, 1792 effectively became the first day of the year 1 in the new Republican calendar. This system remained in effect until December 22 of 1805, when the French reinstalled the Gregorian Calendar with the beginning of the first Empire under Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon seized power at the end of 1799 and roughly five years later declared himself emperor at the end of 1804. During that time Napoleon transformed and modernized the French army and proceeded to start what would become the series of “Napoleonic Wars”.

The AN IX Bayonet was a more modern version of the earlier M-1777 socket bayonet. The 1777 was unique in that it was one of the first socket bayonets to take the form that became what we consider the standard for all socket bayonets from that point in history to today. The bayonet incorporated a captive locking ring that rotated to insure a secure mating between the bayonet socket and muzzle and stud of the musket. The AN IX Bayonet lengthened the blade from around 14” to around 15” in length. It retained the same basic socket style, mortised for a bottom stud, and the same locking ring system. The blade on this AN IX Bayonet is about 15” in length with a 13 ““ shallow face flute and has squared shoulders. The blade is about 15/16” in width at the widest point. The bayonet has a long shank that is about 1 ““ in length. The socket is 2 ““ long and the overall length of the bayonet is about 18”. The socket diameter is .849” (21.58 mm) at the muzzle end and about .898” (22.82mm) at the end of the socket. The face of the blade has French arsenal touch marks or “poincon” view marks. The arsenal manufacturing mark is visible on the side of the shank, but is not legible. The socket is marked with unit markings and is engraved: 1 . 1. M B and C N 133. The first mark appears to be a regimental or battalion mark and the second probably identified the company and soldier. The original locking ring and tension screw are in place and work as they should. The entire bayonet has a mostly smooth, thick brown patina with some light areas of active oxidation and some minor roughness. The bayonet has not been cleaned and has a really great untouched appearance.

This is lovely example of a Napoleonic era socket bayonet. Weapons from this era don’t appear for sale that often on this side of the pond, and this is a nice, complete example. The fact that it is unit marked makes it even better. A unit marked Brown Bess bayonet from this era would be a $500 item, but you can have this lovely French unit marked bayonet for about half that price. This is a great French bayonet in lovely, untouched condition and would be a great addition to your collection.


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