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Ersatz German WWI DEMAG Knife - Bayonet

Ersatz German WWI DEMAG Knife - Bayonet

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This is a wonderful example of the rarely encountered World War I Imperial German Aufpflanzbarer Grabendolch or Fixable Trench Knife - Bayonet, often referred to by collectors as the DEMAG. These private purchase combination knife bayonets were produced by Deutsche Maschinefabrik A-G of Duisburg, and the collector nickname originates from the circular DEMAG “ DUISBURG makers mark on the ricasso. The combination knife bayonets have a unique “crank” shaped steel handle, which is instantly identifiable. The bayonet-knives were manufactured with 150mm long, double-edged, spear point blades and were 266mm in overall length. The crank handles were of steel, painted with olive green paint. A steel scabbard with a leather belt loop and hilt-retaining strap accompanied the knife bayonets. These ersatz bayonet knives were popular private purchase weapons for German infantrymen fighting in the trenches of the Western Front, as they provided a much handier and more useful multipurpose tool than that standard Mauser M-1898 bayonet.

This particular encountered World War I Imperial German Aufpflanzbarer Grabendolch is in about FINE overall condition. The blade is full length and free of any chips or dings. The blade does show marks from light sharpening and polishing. The ricasso is clearly and crisply marked on the reverse with the circular DEMAG “ DUISBURG makers logo, and on the obverse with the two line marking: GESETZLICH / GESCHUTZT. The spine of the blade has a crisp Imperial German proof mark, just in front of the steel cross guard. The steel grip panels retain a substantial amount of their original olive green paint, with one side retaining about 70%+ and the other side retaining about 40%+. The balance of the grips shows a medium steel gray patina, with some darker brown oxidized patina as well. The knife has a substantial amount of verdigris built up on the grip panels, where the leather retention strap and its brass closure stud have reacted over the years. The bayonet locking mechanism is fully functional and mechanically excellent and the locking button and stud work as they should. The original steel scabbard is in VERY GOOD+ to NEAR FINE condition and matches the knife well. The obverse of the scabbard retains about 10%-20% of it is original black finish, mixed with a smooth plum-brown patina. The reverse of the scabbard retains about 70%+ of the original finish, with the balance the same plum-brown patina as found on the front of the scabbard. The original leather belt loop and retention strap is in place on the scabbard. The leather remains strong and usable, but shows significant crazing and only retains about 40%-50% of its original finish. The original retention strap closure stud is in place, and there is a significant build up of verdigris around the leather strap and brass stud.

Overall this is a really high condition example of a very scarce and desirable WWI Imperial German Fixable Trench-Knife Bayonet. Original examples of these knives in fine condition are quite scarce and are very highly prized additions to Great War collections. This example is 100% original, complete and correct and would be difficult to upgrade. You will be very pleased when you add this piece to your collection of World War I edged weapons, trench knives and bayonets.


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