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Fine Condition US Model 1835 Replacement Socket Bayonet

Fine Condition US Model 1835 Replacement Socket Bayonet

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This is a VERY FINE condition example of the .69 caliber socket bayonet known to collectors as the US Model 1842 Socket Bayonet. The designation as the Model 1842 is only a term of convenience used by collectors, and the reality is that this pattern of socket bayonet was not produced until after 1855. The more correct term would be the US Model 1835 Replacement Bayonet, or possibly the Model 1835/40 Replacement Bayonet. There is some confusion about the actual designation of the original Model 1835 bayonet as it was utilized on the Model 1840 and later the Model 1842 musket. The development of a new US flintlock infantry musket, based upon the French Model 1822 Musket, had begun in 1835. At that time a new socket bayonet was adopted, essentially a copy of the French Model 1822 Socket Bayonet, which was intended to be used on the new US musket. The development of the musket and various design changes meant that the intended Model 1835 musket was not adopted officially until 1840, making it the Model 1840 Musket and not the Model 1835 Musket. Some authors and collectors refer to the musket as the Model 1835/40 Musket to indicate when development began and when the gun was officially adopted. Although the gun went through five years of development, the accompanying bayonet did not change from 1835 to 1840, so it was officially the Model 1835 Socket Bayonet. Again, some will refer to it as a Model 1835/40 Bayonet to make it somewhat clearer. The Model 1835 Bayonet represented a number of changes in US bayonet design. Most notably, it introduced a locking ring to the socket, ending the era of US Model 1816/22/27 bayonets with their friction fit sockets. It also relocated the lug for the bayonet to the bottom of the barrel from the top of the barrel. Finally, the blade was lengthened from 16” to 18”. These bayonets remained in production from their adoption through the end of the US Model 1842 Musket period. They were the standard issue bayonet for the US Model 1835 (or Model 1835/40 if you prefer) and Model 1842 Musket. 

With the adoption of the Model 1855 series of long arms, a new bayonet design was adopted. It relocated the bayonet lug to the top of the barrel and changed the blade profile at the shoulders. Sharp shoulders had been standard since the era of the Model 1795 bayonets but with the new 1855 bayonet, tapered shoulders like those found on the French Model 1847 bayonet were adopted.


The US Model 1835 Replacement Bayonets were produced after the adoption of the US Model 1855 socket bayonet and were intended to replace those earlier Model 1835 socket bayonets that had been lost or damaged in service. The bayonets utilized the original pattern Model 1835 .69 socket in conjunction with the then current pattern Model1855 bayonet blade. This made perfect sense as all of the bayonet making machinery had been changed over to manufacture the newly adopted Model 1855 bayonet, and this allowed for both current issue Model 1855 bayonets and the Model 1835 replacement bayonets to use the same pattern bayonet scabbard.


This .69 caliber US Model 1835 Replacement Bayonet is in very fine and crisp condition. The blade is full length and retains much of the original bright finish. The blade shows some lightly scattered patches of freckled age discoloration and some very light surface oxidation evenly distributed across its surface. The blade is almost entirely smooth, with only some very tiny flecks of light pinpricking scattered along its length. The ricasso of the blade is deeply and clearly marked with the typical U. S. stamp. The socket has a similar patina to the blade and shows similar scattered patches of minor age discoloration and some lightly oxidized surface discoloration that could probably be easily cleaned off. There is also some discoloration on the socket from old, dried grease or oil. The original locking ring and tension screw are in place on the socket. The locking ring functions smoothly and correctly.


Overall, this is really a very great example of the Civil War era .69 caliber socket bayonet for the US Model 1835/40 and Model 1842 muskets. Although the collector’s name of Model 1842 is technically incorrect, it is not likely that the designation will ever be replaced in the collecting community. This is a great bayonet to add to your very high condition US Model 1835/40 percussion conversion musket or your Model 1842 musket, and would be a very nice, high condition addition to any Civil War bayonet collection. It would also be a good bayonet for living history use, as these original bayonets usually fit the Armi-Sport reproduction of the US Model 1842 musket with no issues.

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