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Austrian M-1854 Lorenz - NEAR MINT

Austrian M-1854 Lorenz - NEAR MINT

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This is one of the finest Austrian M-1854 Lorenz Rifle Muskets that I have ever seen, and quite definitely the nicest one I have ever offered for sale (and I’ve had some really fine ones over the years). The Lorenz was the third most used rifle-musket during the American Civil War, with US purchases in excess of 250,000 and documented CS purchases of at least 100,000. While the conventional wisdom has long stated that the Lorenz’s found in .54 with block sites were CS used and the ones in .58 with long range sites were US used. However, US Ordnance Records do not bear this out. The US Government recorded purchases of Lorenz’s in .54, .55, .56, .57, .577, .58, and .59. This clearly indicates that although the US preference was to buy guns in .58 caliber, other calibers were accepted. US Ordnance records also indicate the purchase of guns with both leaf and block sites.

This Lorenz is 100% complete and original and is totally un-messed with. This is the version that has a cheek rest on the stock and the long range, flip up, rear site on the barrel. The gun has an excellent, bright bore, with the original Austrian .54 caliber 4-groove rifling intact. The lock is clearly marked with the Austrian Eagle to the rear of the hammer and 860 to the front, indicating that it was produced in 1860. The top of the breech is clearly marked with the maker name CARL HEISER and also bears the very clear Austrian Eagle and W proof marks that are almost always missing from the top of the barrel due to use and wear. The lock works perfectly on all positions and is very crisp. The matching assembly number 28 appears on nearly all of the major metal components. The gun retains its original full-length ramrod (including full threads) as well as both original sling swivels. The original long-range rear site is present, and it is marked with two pairs on inspectors or manufactures initials. Even the typically worn maker and assembly marks that are usually found on the sides of a Lorenz barrel are crisp and clear.

The barrel, lock and all of the hardware are virtually pit free, with only the very smallest areas of peppering and minor pin-point pitting present in the breech and bolster area. There is the tiniest amount of very light brown oxidation starting to appear on the metal, but a 5 minute wipe down with an oily rag and a application of Renaissance Wax will keep the gun looking pristine. There are a couple of minor dings on the barrel in front of the rear site that are probably from storage or an accidental slip. They should be visible in the photos and in no way detract from the gun. However, the gun is so close to mint condition that these tiny mars are mentioned for exactness. The metals parts exhibit a near perfect original arsenal bright finish. Lorenz’s were delivered both bright and blued and this is clearly one that was delivered with a bright finish. The flats of the octagon to round barrel are exceptionally sharp with, with no indication of having ever been polished or cleaned. It would be hard to imagine finding a Lorenz with better quality metal parts.

The stock is in even finer condition, if that is possible. The beech wood has a deep brown-orange color to it. There is absolutely no indication that the stock has ever been sanded at all, or even saw anything but the most minor use. The wood retains sharp edges and perfect contours without any real indication of anything but the lightest wear. There are a couple of minor handling bumps and bruises, but nothing truly worthy of mention. Even the rammer channel remains sharp and un-splintered. The wood to metal fit is outstanding with absolutely not gaps or spaces. Other that typical light handling and storage marks, the stock is truly crisp and excellent and as close to mint as I have ever seen a Lorenz stock.

Overall this is an absolutely gorgeous Lorenz that is complete, original, honest and un-messed with. Fine guns like this are truly becoming rarities in the collecting market and this one is truly exceptional. If you have ever wanted a fantastic Lorenz that you will never have to upgrade and could be the centerpiece of your imported Civil War arms collection, this is the one for you. I really don’t think you will ever be able upgrade the quality of this gun.


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