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Fine Austrian Model 1838 Laukart Catch Socket Bayonet

Fine Austrian Model 1838 Laukart Catch Socket Bayonet

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This is a FINE example of the Austrian Model 1838 Laukart Socket Bayonet. This pattern of bayonet has long been misidentified by collectors as the Model 1842, as it was primarily used with that family of long arms, but the actual Austrian designation is M1838. The M1838 was the first Austrian bayonet pattern to adopt the Laukart system latch for bayonet retention. The Laukart latch was a long, spring-loaded catch that slipped under the high bridge of the bayonet and secured the bayonet to the rifle or musket. A single straight mortise cut allowed the bayonet to index on a low stud mounted slightly off-axis under the barrel of the musket.


The bayonet is clearly marked on the obverse side of the shank an Austrian inspection mark and with the number 6. A small punch dot, likely a hardness test is present on the face of the bayonet’s shank and the number 13 is stamped on the rear face of the bayonet’s socket. The bayonet is almost entirely smooth metal, with a mostly bright steel-gray patina. The blade has some scattered patches of minor age discoloration, and some very sparse pinpricking and peppering, which is freckled over the length of the blade. The 18 ½” quadrangle blade is full-length and remains needle sharp at the point. The socket shows less oxidized discoloration than the blade and has a mostly bright steel patina. Thousands of obsolete Austrian Model 1838 and Model 1842 muskets, both in original smooth bore and upgraded rifled examples were imported by US and CS purchasers during the course of the American Civil War. If you have a very nice condition Austrian M1842 musket, this would be a great addition to display with your gun.


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