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Austrian M1854 Lorenz Bayonet - Very Fine

Austrian M1854 Lorenz Bayonet - Very Fine

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This is a FINE example of the Austrian Model 1854 Socket Bayonet for the Austrian M1854 Lorenz Rifle Musket, complete with original Austrian scabbard. The Lorenz was the third most used long arm on both sides during the American Civil War, and no collection of bayonets from that war is complete without one. The bayonet is complete and full length with its original and fully functional locking ring. The bayonet blade is mostly smooth metal throughout with a pleasing, somewhat bright gunmetal gray patina that shows freckles and tiny patches of scattered oxidation and age staining. The blade also shows some very lightly scattered pinpricking as well. The socket shows slightly more pinpricking, as well as some minor peppering and has a steel gray patina as the blade, with slightly more of the darker oxidation and age discoloration present. The original Austrian inspection mark, a * is present on the reverse shank of the bayonet, along with some numeric designations, the meaning of which are not known. The obverse shank has the typical Austrian style rack numbering system, expressed as a fraction. This reads 79.L.St./979. Again, I’m not sure what that means, but the “L” might mean  Landwehr, or reserve troops. The quadrangle bayonet blade measures nominally 18.75” from the face of the shank to the tip. The socket is 3.21” in length with a .754” bore diameter and a .825” muzzle to stud distance. The helical mortise slot is nominally .3” wide. These dimensions might help you determine if the bayonet will fit on your Lorenz, as these handmade guns and bayonets do not readily interchange.


Overall this is a very attractive Austrian M1854 bayonet that is quite crisp that would be a wonderful addition to the display of your Austrian Lorenz rifle musket or would make a great addition to your Civil War or world bayonet collection.


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