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Attractive Dug Confederate Forked Tongue Belt Plate

Attractive Dug Confederate Forked Tongue Belt Plate

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This is a lovely, untouched example of a classic Confederate Forked Tongue Belt Buckle. These simple and inexpensive belt buckles saw significant use among Confederate enlisted men during the course of the war. The plate is quite similar to Mullinax #179 as depicted in his book Confederate Belt Buckles and Plates. Numerous minor variations of this plate exist, with small differences in dimensions and the thickness of the brass. This plate measures nominally 95mm by 64mm and is roughly 3mm thick, with the thickness of the sandcast frame varying about .2mm plus or minus from the nominal 3mm thickness. The irregular central post that the forked tongue pivots on is roughly 5mm thick and again varies about plus or minus .2mm. 


The plate is in wonderful, untouched dug condition with a rich bronze-brown patina with some flecks of green and some traces of dirt on the plate. As would be expected, the frame shows various flaws from casting as well as tool marks from finishing. The frame is not exactly rectangular with some minor irregularities in its shape. The fame also shows some minor dings and bends that are likely the result of some of the ground action upon the plate while it spent decades under the earth. The plate remains quite crisp overall and displays very well.


Overall, this is a really attractive Confederate Forked Tongue Buckle and is a great example of a typical Confederate enlisted infantryman’s belt plate. The plate is 100% complete and authentic and would be a wonderful addition to any collection of southern plates that you will never have to make any apologies for.


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