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Medium Sized Bag Flask by Hawksley

Medium Sized Bag Flask by Hawksley

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This is a FINE condition example of a Bag Shaped Medium Size Pistol Powder Flask by G & JW Hawksley of Sheffield, England. The Hawksley firm was a major maker of powder flasks and firearm accoutrements second only to that of James Dixon & Sons, also of Sheffield. The firm was established in 1840 and remained in business until 1947, when they were acquired by the Dixon company. This body of this medium sized bag flask is body measures 4-inches long and just about 1.7-inches in width as the widest point. The flask is topped  by a removable charger cap and adjustable measure, which measure 1.25-inches in length with measure fully extended. The overall length of the flask with the cap and charger is 5.25-inches. The top of the charger cap is  marked in a two-line cartouche:  



The adjustable charger offers three different powder charge amounts, ranging from 3/8 to 5/8 dram, in 1/8-dram increments and is clearly marked DR for “drams” on the spout. The measurements suggest the flask was intended for a medium “navy” caliber gun around .36 caliber, or  80-bore to 90-bore for an English percussion revolver.


The flask is in FINE condition and  remains solid and complete. The copper body has  a dark, rich, copper patina and the brass lid retains some gold gilt finish. The body of the flask shows  only a couple of minor pushes and shallow dents. The seams remain solid and complete and all three original screws are in place in the threaded brass collar that tops the flask body. The charger moves freely, adjusting easily to all three positions and the charging mechanism functions smoothly as well. Even the original charger spring is in place and retains much of its original brilliant fire blued finish. The original tiny lanyard loop is present on the base of the flask as well.


Overall this is a really wonderful example of a Bag Shaped Medium Size Pistol Powder Flask by G & JW Hawksley of Sheffield, England that would be a fine addition to any large frame cased, medium caliber percussion revolver. I’ve seen these flasks like this priced up into the mid-$500 to mid-$600 range, often in lesser condition. This is a really nice flask that is fairly priced and will be a nice accessory to go with your appropriate English revolver.

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