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Mass Arms Pocket Revolver Bullet Mold

Mass Arms Pocket Revolver Bullet Mold

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This is a VERY GOOD condition example of the dual cavity mold for the Massachusetts Arms Company .31 caliber tape primer pocket revolver (Flayderman 7A-059). These revolvers were initially produced with manually rotated cylinders in an attempt to circumvent Colt’s patent on revolving cylinder arms but were later produced with automatically rotating cylinders that indexed when the hammer was cocked. The guns also featured the Maynard patent automatic tape primer system, a feature not regularly encountered on handguns. The Massachusetts Arms Company produced between 1,500 and 2,000 of these revolvers during the 1850s, in both .28 and .31 caliber.

This Massachusetts Arms Pocket Revolver Mold remains in about VERY GOOD condition. The mold measures 4 11/16” in overall length, with a 1 ½” mold block that is 9/16” wide and 9/16” tall. The mold is dual cavity and casts a .315” conical bullet with a small, reverse tapered heel that is about 1.3” in overall length and a round ball. The round ball cavity has been modified, from what was nominally .32 caliber to a slightly out of round larger cavity that is about .39” wide and .37” tall. This suggests the cavity may have been modified to cast bullets for a nominally .36 caliber revolver, allowing this mold to cast for both a “pocket” and a “navy” caliber handgun. The mold is made without a sprue cutter, indicating it is an earlier production mold, as the Mass Arms “Adams” style pocket revolvers were produced with molds that had sprue cutters. The mold is stamped in two lines, on the reverse side from the cavity holes, reading: MASS ARMS CO. / CHICOPEE FALLS. The mold has a medium golden patina with some scattered discoloration from dirt and age. The mold also shows scattered bump and dings from use. The only real condition issue is the modified round ball cavity, which is not something that is visible when the mold is closed.

If you have one of the early Mass Arms .31 caliber pocket revolvers this would be a nice accessory to add to it. If you have a cased example and are missing the mold, then this is a “must have” item to complete the casing. Considering the relatively small production numbers of these revolvers, these molds are very scarce. This is a solid example that is well marked and is reasonably priced considering its rarity.

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