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American Flask Company Eagle Motif Flask for Pocket Pistols

American Flask Company Eagle Motif Flask for Pocket Pistols

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This is a lovely example of a small sized American Eagle motif pocket pistol powder flask produced by the American Flask Company. The flask was made in several variations, and Ray Riling’s The Powder Flask Book shows several versions of the flask that are nearly identical, showing only very minor variations. The best know versions of this flask are the ones that are additionally marked “Colt’s Patent” on the obverse, above the eagle. These flasks are associated with early production Colt Pocket revolvers. However, the American Flask Company provided flasks to many American gun makers during the mid-19th century and the variants that are not Colt marked are regularly associated with the various pocket pistols produced by the Massachusetts Arms Company, as well as some other American makers.


This is a lovely condition example of this flask pattern. The flask is embossed with a large, spread-winged American Eagle that has its long neck outstretched to the left. On the obverse the Eagle’s talons are grasping what appears to be a musket, while on the reverse the talons are gripping an inverted, long-barreled revolver with the butt facing upwards. The flask is unmarked, with only the embossed decorations. That suggests the flask was likely part of a Massachusetts Arms Company pocket revolver set, or some other small American revolver set. These flasks show up regularly in cased examples of the Mass Arms pocket revolvers with the Maynard tape priming system and would also be potentially correct for some American single shot pocket pistols and pepperboxes.


The copper flask is in FINE condition and has a rich, dark ocher patina. Some variants of this flask were silver plated, and this may have been one of those flasks, as there are patches of deeply oxidized dark discoloration in the recesses of the embossed pattern. This could be traces of the original silver that is heavily tarnished. It could also just be old accumulated oxidation from age and handling. The flask retains tight seams with no obvious damage or separations, and a crisply embossed pattern on both sides. The flask shows some very light handling marks, but no significant dings or mars. The brass top is richly oxidized as well with a thick, uncleaned patina similar to the uncleaned patina of the copper body. The original spring is in place and remains fully functional and retains some traces of its original fire blue, with some scattered surface oxidation on the spring. The original charger closure system is all in place and remains fully functional as well. All three of the original screws that secure the top to the flask are in place and in nice condition, showing almost no slot wear. The original fixed volume charger spout is in place and the patina matches the top of the flask perfectly. The flask measures 4 ¼” in overall length, including the removable 7/8” long spout that looks like it would throw about 10-12 grains of powder. The flask is roughly 1 ¾” wide at the widest point and just over 1” thick at the thickest point. 


Overall this is a really crisp, attractive and untouched example of an American Flask Company Eagle Motif pocket pistol flask. It is of the correct pattern for use in an early cased Colt Pocket revolver but does not have the Colt markings. Otherwise it would be a fine addition to most early .28-.31 caliber American percussion pocket pistol casings that were produced during the first part half of the 1850s. This is a tough flask to find in such nice condition and it would be a nice addition to a cased set or to a flask collection.

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