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Fine Non-Dug .50 Caliber Maynard Cartridge

Fine Non-Dug .50 Caliber Maynard Cartridge

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This is FINE condition, non-dug and very crisp example of a Civil War Ear .50 Maynard Carbine Cartridge. The 1stand 2nd Model Maynard carbines used a self-contained brass cartridge that contained the powder charge and the lead bullet and had a small flash hole in the base that allowed the communication of the ignition flame from a percussion cap or tap primer when the gun was fire. The cases were reusable, allowing for field reloading of the cartridges. The overall length of the cartridge is 1.679” with the case diameter .545” and the base diameter .768”. The flat nosed truncated cone shaped lead bullet measures about .51” just above the case neck and is about .45” long from the case neck to the .20” diameter flat nose. The brass case has dark, untouched patina with scattered surface oxidation and discoloration. The case is unmarked as it typical, although the remnants of the number “5” are present in ink on the case, possibly from an old collector applied “50” to indicate that caliber. The lead bullet is moderately oxidized with a mottled sheen of white discoloration over much of the bullet. This would be a nice addition to your collection of Civil War period cartridges or to display with your 1st or 2nd Model Maynard Carbine. 

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