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Japanese Last Ditch Type 30 Bayonet by Jinsen

Japanese Last Ditch Type 30 Bayonet by Jinsen

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This is a VERY FINE example of a late war production, “Last Ditch” Japanese Type 30 bayonet for the Type 30, Type 38 and Type 99 rifles. The bayonet produced at the Jinsen Arsenal in Japanese occupied Korea. The bayonet is classified by Ray LaBar (see Bayonets of Japan) as LB-162 “ variation R, and Labar notes that the rarity of the bayonet is “Uncommon / Scarce “ 4”. This variant of the Type 30 bayonet was the last version to be produced at Jinsen. The bayonet had flat, 2-piece slab grips that were retained by a pair of rivets. The blades were blued, unfullered, and typically showed significant tool marks. The bayonets were issued with one of two types of wooden scabbards that were produced at Jinsen, a tapered tip scabbard with iron throat and a very simple flat tipped scabbard with no added throat. Both types of scabbards had sheet iron tips, a collar with a slot for the frog strap and were held together by two areas of string wrapped around the scabbard body halves. These bayonets were produced in 3 series, the 152nd, 153rd and 154th.

The bayonet is in VERY FINE condition. The blade retains about 90%+ of the original blued finish, over a blade that is very roughly finished and shows significant grinding and tool marks. The blade retains its factory edge and is unsharpened. The blade measures 15 3/8” long, about 1/8” longer than the example shown in LaBar’s book. The straight iron crossguard shows the same rough machining as the blade, and retains about 80% of its finish, mixed with a lightly oxidized brownish patina. The square pommel cap is in the same condition as the guard, and is stamped at the rear with the Japanese symbols for “153rd Series”, the serial number 49848, and with a Jinsen inspector’s mark and a 0. The obverse ricasso of the blade is stamped with the usual star-shaped Jinsen logo. The slab wood grips are in FINE condition and show only light handling marks and minor bumps and dings. They are free of any breaks, cracks or repairs. The flat tipped wooden scabbard is in equally FINE condition as well. The scabbard retains the original sheet metal scabbard tip and the collar with the slot to accept the strap from the frog. The scabbard has no added throat, which is correct for this variant. The two-piece scabbard remains tightly bound with two 7/16” wide areas of string. The scabbard shows only a handful of minor bumps, dings and minor surface scuffs, and retains almost all of its original finish. The delicate wooden scabbard is free of any breaks or repairs. The scabbard has an original Japanese two-loop leather frog mounted on it. The frog is reinforced by a pair of rivets and has a brass closure buckle. The frog is in about VERY GOOD condition and shows use and wear, but no abuse.

Overall this is a very nice example of one of the scarcer variants of the Japanese Type 30 bayonet. The bayonet and scabbard are in really wonderful condition and the original leather frog is an added bonus. These late war bayonets are very desirable and the scarcity of this one and the fact that it was made in occupied Korea make it even more desirable. This will be a great addition to any World War II bayonet collection, or any WWII collection of Japanese militaria.


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