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Adams Style Dual Cavity Pistol Bullet Mold

Adams Style Dual Cavity Pistol Bullet Mold

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This is a lovely example of an Adams style, dual cavity, English pistol bullet mold. The mold casts a pair of nominally 54-bore conical heeled bullet that were likely intended for use in early English .450 Center Fire cartridges like .450 Boxer Mk1, which was also known as the .450 Adams, .450 Colt, .450 Short, .450 Corto and .450 MkIII. This was the first British military centerfire revolver cartridge and was nicknamed the .450 Webley in the United States.


The mold is 6 3/8” in length, measuring an overall length of 7 1/8” including the sprue cutter. The mold block is 2 1/8” long, ¾” wide and ¾” tall. The mold block contains two cavities have diameters that measure .458” at the widest point of the base, above the heel, with the heel diameter measuring .448”. The main body of the bullet measures .4” in length, with a .24” heel and an overall length of .64”.


The mold remains in FINE condition. The brass has a lovely untouched ocher patina and is very attractive. The sprue cutter retains some of the original bright blue, which has mostly faded and dulled, taking on a mostly plum patina, with scattered flecks of surface oxidation that could likely be cleaned off. The cavities remain fine and bright and would surely cast wonderful bullets today. The mold is solid and tight, aligns perfectly and shows no abuse or damage.


This would be a wonderful addition to a .450 CF cased English revolver set, a collection of English molds, or any mid-19thcentury arms collection. The mold is fine, crisp and untouched and would surely cast very usable bullets today, for someone who shoots black powder English cartridge revolvers.

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