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Rare "Crossed Arrows" Marked US Model 1835 Socket Bayonet

Rare "Crossed Arrows" Marked US Model 1835 Socket Bayonet

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This is a FINE condition example of the US M1835 socket bayonet. This pattern of socket bayonet was adopted in 1835, with the submission of the Model 1835 sample muskets, and remained in service for the finally approved US Model 1840 flintlock musket, which is sometimes referred to as the M-1835/40 by collectors, as well as the later US Model 1842 percussion musket. This bayonet was designed for use on the new generation of US .69 caliber muskets with a bayonet lug mounted on the bottom of the barrel. It was the first US socket bayonet to incorporate a locking ring into the socket design and was a nearly identical copy of the French Model 1822 socket bayonet. This is not surprising as the US Model 1835/40 musket was closely based upon the French M1822 Musket. The bayonet had an 18” blade with scalloped shoulders reminiscent of the Model 1816/22/27 series of bayonets that it was replacing. These bayonets remained in production until 1855, when the manufacture of the US Model 1842 musket was ended with the adoption of the new series of .58 rifled arms, designated as the Model 1855. 


With the coming of the American Civil War, and the need to issue the large numbers of older Model 1835/40 and Model 1842 muskets held in stores around the country, a new bayonet was adopted to replace the original Model 1835 bayonets that had been lost or damaged. This bayonet, usually referred to by collectors as the US Model 1842 bayonet is in reality the US Model 1835 Replacement Bayonet. The new bayonet used the original pattern socket in conjunction with the newly adopted Model 1855 style bayonet blade with tapered shoulders.


The <US Model 1835 socket bayonet offered here is in about FINE condition. The metal has been lightly cleaned, which gives the bayonet the appearance of its original arsenal bright finish. The bayonet is mostly smooth throughout and has a lovely steel gray color with a scattered freckled patches of oxidized discoloration. There are also patches of darker gray age discoloration scattered over the entire blade, giving it a somewhat mottled look. The blade is mostly smooth with only some very lightly scattered patches of minor pinpricking on the blade. The blade is full-length and in very nice condition. The blade is marked with the usual US mark on the ricasso over the enigmatic mark of a pair of {Crossed Arrows}. This scarce marking variant is shown in Robert M. Reilly’s American Socket Bayonets & Scabbards as Figure B78A. The meaning of the mark is not known at this time. The original locking ring is in place on the socket of the bayonet and includes the original tension screw. Both the ring and the tension screw operate exactly as they should. 


Overall, this is a very nice condition example of a scarce US Model 1835 Socket Bayonet variant with the rare “Crossed Arrows” marking. It would be a very nice addition to your Model 1840 or Model 1842 musket. It would also be a great addition to any collection of Mexican War through Civil War era US socket bayonets.


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