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Collins & Company Marked US M1855 Socket Bayonet

Collins & Company Marked US M1855 Socket Bayonet

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This is a VERY GOOD condition example of the US Model 1855 .58 caliber socket bayonet, made by the firm of Collins & Company. The Collins firm was established in 1826 by brothers Samuel & David Collins and their cousin William Wells. The company was located in the town of Canton, CT on the Farmington River and soon developed a reputation for producing very fine quality axes. The company soon branched out into the production of a wide variety of tools and farm implements, and even edged weapons. The Collins Company expanded until its network of factory buildings and employee housing included well over 250 buildings and became its own town of Collinsville. Collins & Company produced a variety of edged weapons during the American Civil War, including socket and saber bayonets as well as some swords. The company had a close relationship with Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company and produced saber bayonets for the M1841 “Mississippi” rifles that were altered by Colt, as well as many socket bayonets for their Special Model M1861 Rifle Muskets. The Collins company remained in business until 1966, and more than fifty of their original buildings remain standing to this day.


Collins & Company produced Civil War period socket bayonets are particularly desirable and collectible, as they were one of the few contractors who actually placed a maker’s mark on their socket bayonets, allowing today’s collectors to know who made the bayonet. The reverse of the socket of this bayonet is deeply marked with the C&Comark. The mark is much crisper and stronger than typically encountered on these bayonets, although the “o” is a little weak. The ricasso is also stamped with a deep and very clear USmark. The obverse of the socket is stamped with the inspector mark B at the end of the mortise cut. The bayonet is full-length and is complete with a fully functional locking ring. The has been cleaned in an attempt to return it to its arsenal bright appearance. However, the chemical cleaning has left the metal with a hazy, light smoky gray coloration that is slightly dull. The bayonet shows even light pinpricking over most of the blade, with slightly more moderate pinpricking and some light pitting on the socket. There are scattered flecks of oxidized age discoloration over the entire bayonet, again these are more obvious on the socket. Most of this discoloration is present in the recesses of the pinpricking and light pitting. As is often the case of any socket bayonet that saw use, the metal shows a number of minor bumps, dings and minor mars; particularly on the socket and shank. These impact marks are typical of any socket bayonet that ever really saw service. The original locking ring and tension screw are in place and the ring functions smoothly.

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