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US Model 1835 Socket Bayonet

US Model 1835 Socket Bayonet

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This is a VERY GOOD condition example of the US M1835 socket bayonet. The US M1835 socket bayonet was the first US socket bayonet to incorporate a locking ring to ensure that it remained firmly attached to the gun it was fixed upon. The bayonet was an almost direct copy of the French M1822 socket bayonet. The bayonet was designed for what would be the last of the US flintlock muskets, the US Model 1835 that finally went into production as the M1840 (often referred to by collectors as the US M1835/40) and continued in use through the production run of the first US percussion ignition musket with interchangeable parts, the Model 1842. The M1835 bayonet remained in production until the end of M1842 musket production in 1855. Later, a “replacement” variation of the M1835 went into production to supply bayonets for the older M1835/40 and M1842 muskets still in use during the 1850s and 1860s. These bayonets are often called US M1842 bayonets by collectors, but as they were not produced until after 1855 that designation is incorrect, and M1835 Replacement Bayonet would be the more correct term for the later production variation. The US M1835 bayonet featured an 18” blade, with the squared off shoulders that were typical of the earlier 1816/22/27 series of socket bayonets. The socket was mortised for a bottom stud and was sized for US .69 musket barrels. The later “Replacement” version of the bayonet had a US M1855 type blade with tapered shoulders.

This bayonet has a very clear, and deep US stamp on the face. The locking ring is complete and fully functional, and the blade is full length. The blade has a mostly smooth, medium pewter gray patina with scattered oxidized freckling and age discoloration along the entire blade, giving it a mottled “salt & pepper” appearance. The blade is mostly smooth with only a few small areas showing some pinpricking and light pitting, mostly at the ricasso. The socket has nearly the same coloration and patina as the blade. The socket shows some lightly scattered surface oxidation and evenly distributed pinpricking as well as some light pitting. The appearance of the socket matched the blade well, despite showing some more light pitting. The entire bayonet is in fairly nice, and in relatively crisp condition. A little light cleaning might remove some of the darker age discoloration on the blade. As it sits, the overall condition is very decent, and it would be a great addition to your pewter gray US M1835/40 or US M1842 musket. For the re-enactor or living historian, these M1835/40 bayonets almost always fit on the reproduction Armi-Sport M1842 muskets, as well as the original muskets.


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