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Dresden (Saxon) Rifle Socket Bayonet - Very Scarce

Dresden (Saxon) Rifle Socket Bayonet - Very Scarce

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This is a great example of an incredibly scarce socket bayonet that was imported by the US during the American Civil War. At first glance it looks very much like a French M-1847 bayonet, however a number of features quickly identify it as the socket bayonet for use with M-1851 Saxon (Dresden) rifle musket. Approximately 29,000 of these rifle muskets were purchased by the US government, the majority being delivered by George Schuyler (over 27,000). Over the years I have had the opportunity to offer several of the guns, but I only had a couple of the bayonets; they are much rarer than the guns.

The primary features that identify this as a M-1851 Saxon / Dresden socket bayonet instead of the French bayonet that it resembles are: a 16ā€ blade, a larger diameter socket, and the most obvious feature ā€œ 2 locking ring stops on the socket. I am aware of no other socket bayonet that has a pair of locking ring stops on the socket. The bayonet is well marked. It has the number 655 on the shank. The opposite side of the shank is marked with an M, possibly the mark of PJ Malherbe & Co of Liege, who produced most fo the guns. These are the last three digits of the serial number of the musket that the bayonet was fit to. The original Dresden military rack and issue numbers are on the bottom of the socket (between the locking ring and shank). In the typical Germanic style this information is expressed as a fraction. There is also a makers mark on the face of the blade, the block letters T.D. A small crown is also stamped on the ricasso. The bayonet is mostly smooth throughout, with scattered patches of light to moderate brown oxidation. The bottom of the blade shows the most significant oxidation, discoloration and minor roughness. The original locking ring is present, and is complete and fully functional. Overall the bayonet is in about VERY GOOD+ condition. These bayonets are so seldom encountered that in the last five years I have only had the opportunity to own 4 of them, and none for more than a day or two! This bayonet would be a wonderful addition to your Saxon / Dresden, and Iā€™m willing to bet that your rifle does not have one of these scarce bayonets to go with it!


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