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Camillus Jet Pilot's Survival Knife - Excellent

Camillus Jet Pilot's Survival Knife - Excellent

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This is an excellent condition example of the Vietnam Era Type No 4 Knife, better known as the Navy Pilot’s Survival Knife or Jet Pilot’s Survival Knife. The knife was originally designed in 1957 as a joint issue between the Navy Weapons Bureau and the Marbles Arms Company. As originally designed it had a 6”, saw back blade. In 1962, the knife was modified by reducing the blade to 5” in length. The post-1962 knives were produced by the Camillus Cutlery Company and Milpar during the Vietnam Era. These knives were initially issued to Naval Air Crews but saw service with airmen in all branches of US military service. The knife was issued with a leather scabbard that had a pouch on the front for a sharpening stone.

This Type No 4 Jet Pilot’s Survival Knife is in EXCELLENT overall condition. The blade is mint and retains its original factory edge, having never been sharpened since it left the factory. The blade retains about 98% of its original factory parkerized finish, with the only wear or loss the result of being inserted and removed from the scabbard. The hexagonal pommel cap of the knife is clearly marked on one flat, in three lines: CAMILLUS / N.Y. / 2-1971. The date 2-1971 (February of 1971) places the production of the knife during the thick of US involvement in the Vietnam War. The knife’s leather washer hilt is in EXCELLENT condition, with only some minor scuffing and light handling marks present. The original issue, never used sharpening stone is present in the pouch on the front of the scabbard. The stone still retains its original yellow ink labeling in three lines: C280 PV / A PRODUCT BY / NORTON PIKE. The Pike Company has been producing sharpening stones and professional sharpening products in New Hampshire since 1823 and in 1932 merged with Norton Abrasives, forming Norton Pike. As previously noted, the stone has never been use, and it has some verdigris on its surface from being stored in the pouch under the brass snap. The leather scabbard is in about FINE condition. It shows some light wear and minor use and appears to have been carried on a belt at least some. The leather is solid and supple throughout and the stitching and staple backed rivets are all solidly in place. The blackened brass snaps on the knife retention strap and the stone pouch are fully functional and both straps are solid and still supple. The scabbard rivets have a lovely ring of verdigris around each of them. The scabbard is in fine lightly used condition and matches the knife very well.

Overall this is an outstanding example of a Vietnam Era Type No 4 Jet Pilot’s Survival Knife. The knife is truly about mint, the scabbard shows only the lightest use and the original sharpening stone is in place and has never been used. If you have been wanting to add one of these knives to your collection, this would be a very difficult one to upgrade from and would look fantastic in any US military edged weapons or knife collection.


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