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Army Air Force M-8 Signal Pistol - Near Excellent

Army Air Force M-8 Signal Pistol - Near Excellent

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This is a NEAR EXCELLENT example of a WWII US Army Air Force M-8 Pyrotechnics Pistol, ie: Flare Gun. The M8 was intended for issue to air crews for signaling, and saw use both with the Army Air Force and with some Naval aviators as well. The M8 was adopted in July of 1942 and saw use through the Korean War era. The M-8 was a single shot, 37mm signal pistol with a double action lockwork. Like most signal pistols of the era, it utilized a break open action for loading and unloading. However, the pistol did not have an automatic extractor system. The pistol utilized a blued steel barrel and an alloy frame, which was finished with some sort of black enamel paint. The grips were checkered black plastic. The pistols were marked in a triangle on the right hand side of the frame with the maker information, as well as date of manufacture and the model designation.

This US WWII M8 Pyrotechnics Pistol is in NEAR EXCELLENT condition. The gun retains about 95%+ of the original blued finish on the barrel and about the same amount of blacking on the alloy frame. The primary loss on the frame is due to some small patches of light flaking and minor wear, mostly along high and sharp edges and around the locking mechanism. The barrel shows some light oxidized freckling, but no pitting or significant wear. The bore of the signal pistol is bright and clean. The pistols double action firing mechanism functions flawlessly, and the barrel locking and release mechanism functions perfectly as well. The right side of the frame is clearly marked within a triangle E / CC / V over 1943 / U.S. PROPERTY / PISTOL PYROTECHNIC M-8. The initials EVCC represent the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company, who produced M-8 pistols on contract for the US government during World War II. The back strap of the pistol is marked in a single vertical line: SERIAL No E-087421.

Overall this is really fantastic condition example of a US WWII aviators signal pistol. I’ve seen these flare guns selling in the $150 range with practically no original finish on them at all. This one really is about excellent overall and is barely priced above the mediocre examples that are more frequently found on the market. No matter if you are a collector of WWII aviation militaria or flare gun collector, this will be a really wonderful addition to your collection. If you are a “B-Movie” buff, you will remember that the M-8’s mot memorable moment was in the movie “Tremors”, where character Heather Gummer (played by country music icon Reba McEntire) fires one into the mouth of one of the monster worms. How often do you get to buy a piece of WWII militaria that has a connection to Reba”


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