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Well Marked Mass Arms .31 Caliber Dual Cavity Brass Bullet Mold

Well Marked Mass Arms .31 Caliber Dual Cavity Brass Bullet Mold

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This is a lovely and untouched example of a dual cavity brass pistol mold for Massachusetts Arms Company pocket revolvers. The brass mold is clearly stamped in two lines on the bottom of the mold block:





The mold is made without a sprue cutter and has two cavitied, one of a heeled conical bullet and one for a round ball. Both of the cavities measure nominally .31” at their widest points. The overall length of the mold is 4.68” with a mold block that is 1.55” long, .56” wide, and .61” thick. The straight brass arms of the mold are 3.12” long. This mold would be appropriate for early production Mass Arms .31 caliber models, like the Mass Arms Co. .31 Wesson & Leavitt Belt Revolver, the Maynard Primed .31 Caliber Belt Model (aka John Brown Model) and the .31 caliber Maynard Primed Pocket Revolvers. The 1854 Patent Adams style revolvers that were produced by Mass Arms typically have iron bullet molds associated with them. This would be a nice mold to add to the display of one of those earlier Mass Arms models, particularly if you have a cased example and need the correct mold for it.


The mold remains in near VERY GOOD condition. It has a dark, rich, and uncleaned bronze patina. The brass also shows areas of even darker, almost black patina. This is a combination of discoloration from heat and oxidation from use and age. As is typical of any brass mold that saw much use, it shows numerous bumps, dings, and mars. However, the mold cavities remain relatively crisp and look like they could still cast serviceable bullets. The hinged mold block operates smoothly and closes fairly tightly. The only real condition issue worth noting is that it appears the iron locating and alignment pin is an old replacement. It shows significant age and signs of use but is somewhat poorly fit and protrudes slightly from the mold block, suggesting it is a replacement.


Overall, this is a solid example of a fairly scarce maker marked bullet mold for .31 caliber Mass Arms revolvers and would be a nice addition to a display of one of those guns.


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