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US Model 1816 Replacement Bayonet

US Model 1816 Replacement Bayonet

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This is a FINE condition example of the US Model 1816 Replacement Socket Bayonet for the percussion converted US M1816/22/28 muskets. These bayonets were produced after 1855, to replace original M1816/22/27 bayonets that had been lost or damaged over the years. They are primarily associated with the Remington-Maynard and Hewes & Phillips (H&P) conversion muskets, however they are correct for any percussion alteration of a US M1816/22/28 musket that saw use after 1855. The bayonet features the typical 1816/22/27 style friction fit socket with a T-shaped mortise and no locking ring. However, the bayonet used the US M1855 style 18” blade with tapered shoulders and a full-length face flute rather than the 16” blade with wide, sharp shoulders that was used for the original M1816 family of bayonets. For all practical purposes it was the original M1816 pattern socket mated to the current production M1855 blade. This allowed the bayonets to be consistent in blade pattern, easily interchange in the currently issued M1859 and M1863 bayonet scabbards. This same process was used to create replacement bayonets for the M1835/40 and M1842 muskets, using the older M1835 socket and the M1855 blade. 


This particular example is in about FINE condition. It has a dull gray patina, which is discolored in some areas with a thin layer of oxidized age discoloration as well as some old, dried oil. A small amount of time and effort with 0000 steel wool and a little oil may well return the blade to a condition that more closely approximates its original arsenal bright condition. The blade is mostly smooth with only some very tiny areas of lightly scattered surface age discoloration and oxidized freckling, along with some very tiny spots of pinpricking and minor surface roughness. The U.S. mark on the blade face is very crisp and clear and is deeply struck. The socket is in about the same condition as the blade, although it has a more evenly distributed lightly oxidized brown patina over much of its surface, with some minor discoloration from freckled oxidation present. The socket remains completely round and is free of dents and dings that would impair its ability to mount correctly on a musket. The bayonet is in really very nice condition and displays very well. If you need a really crisp, fine condition socket bayonet for display with your fine condition US M1816/22/28 percussion conversion musket, this one would be a perfect one to add to it. This is really nice socket bayonet that would look great with any high condition musket.


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