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Extremely Rare Russian Model 1843 Luttich Carbine (Brunswick Rifle) Saber Bayonet

Extremely Rare Russian Model 1843 Luttich Carbine (Brunswick Rifle) Saber Bayonet

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This is a VERY GOOD+ condition and extremely scarce example of the Russian contract Brunswick pattern saber bayonet manufactured by PJ Malherbe of Liège for use with the Russian Contract Model 1843 Luttich Carbine, which was also manufactured by Malherbe. These Belgian-made copies of the British Brunswick Rifle were used by Russian riflemen during the Crimean War. The bayonet is 26.125” in overall length with a 21.5” spear point blade with a very barely discernable wasp-waisted silhouette and a narrow central fuller running 7.125” from near the flat ricasso towards the tip, terminating in a moderately defined median ridge that extends through the tip. The cast brass hilt is 4.6” in length with 13 full circumference and 13 partial circumference grooves cast into it to provide a more secure grip. The 3.9” long brass crossguard has a pair of forward swept quillons with lobed finials. The obverse ricasso is marked in four lines: 




{Cyrillic Inspection}



The mating number 450 is stamped on the obverse pommel cap, to match the bayonet with the gun it was fit to. All of the rifles have a similar inventory mating number engraved on the top of their buttplates. 


The hilt has a T-shaped mortise that measures 2.2” in length and is .5” wide at the widest point of the “T” and .27” wide at the narrow part. The bayonet has the correct British P1837 Brunswick type bayonet bar catch with the long release lever topped with a slightly oval-shaped domed knob is in place, with the correct pattern large and bulbous screw securing the catch spring on the opposite end. 


As noted, the bayonet remains in about VERY GOOD+ condition, with the metal having a medium pewter patina with scattered flecks of surface oxidation and age discoloration. The blade was apparently cleaned long ago but has dulled down to a nice mottled gray, although the markings on the blade are now slightly light. The hilt has a darker, rich bronze patina that is quite attractive. The blade is full-length and almost entirely smooth, with a couple of thumb-sized patches of light pitting near the end and with the tip slightly rounded. There is also some light surface etching near the tip, suggesting a possible chemical cleaning long ago in that area. The blade to hilt junction is quite tight with some very minor wobble noted in the crossguard. The locking mechanism remains in place and remains functional. 


If you have one of the very rare Russian M1843 Luttich Carbines, this would be the ultimate accessory for the gun. While I have seen a few of these very rare guns on the market over the last 20 years, and had the opportunity to own a couple, this is the first time I have been able to handle one of the bayonets in person. This is a very rare piece of Russian Crimean War militaria that would be a find addition to your gun, a collection of 19th century Russian or Crimean War militaria or an advance world bayonet collection.


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