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Complete Set of 5 Tools for the US M1855 and M1861 Rifle Musket

Complete Set of 5 Tools for the US M1855 and M1861 Rifle Musket

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This is a complete set of tools as would have been issued to company NCOs, primarily sergeants, for the minor repair and maintenance of the US Model 1855 Rifle & Rifle Musket, as well as the US Model 1861 Rifle Musket. The set of five tools includes those that were issued to every soldier, the US M1855 Combination Tool, the M1855 Wiper and the M1855 Bull Screw. It also includes two additional screws that the average solider was not issued, the M1855 Tumbler & Band Spring Punch and the M1855 Mainspring Clamp. These last two tools were necessary to effect complete disassembly of the musket and the dismantling of the lock to its component parts.


All of the tools remain in about VERY GOOD condition and retain at least some, if not most, of their dull blackened finish. The tools are all unmarked, suggesting production at Springfield Armory or by a contractor, as most sources suggest the “US” marked examples were produced at Harpers Ferry. The M1855 Combination Tool retains some of the thinned and worn finish with scattered surface oxidation and some freckled areas of pinpricking and some very light pitting. The cone wrench jaw remains crisp, sharp and fully usable. All of the screwdriver blades remain in very good, usable condition and the two pivoting arms move as they should, although they are a little tight. The M1855 Tumbler & Band Spring Punch retains more finish and also shows scattered surface oxidation. The punches remain in fine condition and the two pivoting arms move as they should. The M1855 Mainspring Clamp is in similar condition and remains fully functional as well. It retains much of its dull black finish with scattered surface oxidation and screw clamp operates smoothly and the pivoting arm works as it should as well. The last two items are the early production M1855 Wiper and the M1855 Bull Screw. The wiper has the tapered base that was eliminated around 1861 and replaced with a conical base without a taper. The tapered base wipers were designed to be used with patches when being used to clean a bore, while the later M1861 and M1863 wipers without tapered bases were not intended for use with patches, but rather with tow. By mid-1861 the tapered base M1855 Wiper was being replaced by non-tapered M1861 Wiper. The M1855 Ball Screw is the early production variant, made before about 1863. The earlier ball screw had a rounded radius around the rim at the base of the screw. The later production M1855 Ball Screw left this rim flat, without the radiused edge. 


All of these tools would be appropriate for use with a US Model 1855 Rifle, a Model 1855 Rifle Musket or a US Model 1861 Rifle Musket. They would be a nice addition to any collection of Civil War gun tools, or a very cool “display within a display” of the items carried by Union NCOs during the war. Of course, they would be a great adjunct the display of any of the above US rifles or rifle muskets. They would also be handy in your tool kit to maintain your rifle or rifle musket for skirmishing or reenacting; of course, the screw on tools will not fit on metric threaded reproduction ramrods. If you purchased all five of these tools individually, you would typically pay between $225 and $275 for the full set. You can buy them all at one time here and for less than $200, plus Priority Mail Small Box Flat Rate Shipping. 


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